Our Services

The Secret to Their Success

Behind every great hotel is a great team. At Scout Hotels, we are committed to making properties shine and reach their full potential. Owners trust our behind-the-scenes team of experienced professionals to fulfill pride in ownership, deliver strong financial returns, and maintain open and forthright communications.

Guests see great service and accommodations. Owners see strong revenue growth through enhanced sales, marketing, and public relations; controlled costs and maximized labor productivity; and innovative yield management strategies. While other management companies focus on their own brand development, our first priority is making the special properties we manage succeed. Only the owners should know we are there.


Owner Relations

  • Honest, disciplined, and comprehensible analysis
  • Comprehensive monthly reporting
  • Monthly owner calls to review trends in operating performance
  • Frequent communication results in no surprises for owners
  • Regular on-site owner meetings
  • Direct access to senior executives at all times

Revenue Management

  • Innovative revenue management system driven by multiple internal and external data sources
  • Modern, state-of-the-art system empowering revenue managers to make daily real-time decisions on rate and distribution
  • Careful attention to booking patterns to diagnose and anticipate areas of weakness
  • Direct and interactive promotions, flash sales, and packages to meet booking goals
  • Active management of online booking channels


  • Web-based accounting system with data-mining overlay
  • Zero-based, day-by-day budgeting and forecasting model
  • Careful management and oversight of cash flow in seasonal locations

Sales & Marketing

  • Regional sales teams with access to major metro markets
  • Full engagement in e-Marketing channels
  • Property-specific customer research
  • Search engine optimization
  • Comprehensive email campaigns and online promotions
  • Social Media Manager with singular focus on promoting a property on all social media outlets

Human Resources

  • Creative promotion of open positions to recruit the best talent
  • Development of talent through succession planning and regular cross-training
  • Performance-based incentives and internal promotions help retain the best talent
  • Experts in staffing in seasonal locales
  • Deeply knowledgeable and experienced with staffing from overseas talent pool and use of government visa programs


  • Purchasing system for order creation, expediting, and control
  • FF&E and OS&E conceptual budgeting and pricing for model room package
  • OS&E Technical Services
  • Leverage of Group Purchasing Organization and supplier relationships to provide competitive bidding

Development & Pre-Opening Services

  • Marketing and business plan development
  • Pro forma analysis and pre-opening budgeting
  • Hotel programing
  • Brand selection, if appropriate
  • PIP review, analysis, and negotiation
  • Food & Beverage concept development
  • Spa concept development
  • IT Systems review and recommendation
  • Pre-opening FF&E and OS&E purchasing
  • Pre-opening staffing assistance