The Clifton

Charlottesville, VA

The Clifton is Charlottesville, Virginia’s premier European-style boutique hotel, restaurant and wedding venue. Located just down the road from Thomas Jefferson’s historic Monticello Estate, Clifton is the perfect place to escape for a cozy dinner for two, delight in a truly a memorable stay, or simply gather with friends for a drink on the terrace. The Clifton also boasts a long-standing reputation as Charlottesville’s most iconic, beautiful setting for weddings that captures the dreams of every bride and groom.

Overlooking the stunning forests of the Blue Ridge mountains, our welcoming staff will indulge you in elegant, personal service that is pampering, yet relaxing. Every guest feels at home at The Clifton. Come and explore the offerings of our Chef’s seasonal menus, featuring the bounty of our own organic vegetable and herb garden. To accompany your meal, or the view, our wine cellar is full of Virginia’s most celebrated wines and global vintages. Our private infinity pool is nestled in the charming Clifton garden, making it the perfect place to relax and refresh. And when you want to venture beyond the Clifton's 100-acres of forests and lakes, all of the region’s landmarks and destinations are within easy access. No matter the reason for coming to The Clifton, there is always something special for everyone!